Music Greenwich

We believe that every young person should have a chance to change their life, through music. But research shows that many can’t because of who they are, where they’re from or what they’re going through.
We are willing to support them through our insights, influence, and investment in grassroots organisations, we
make sure more young people aged

FEF Music UK’s aim is to support young talented youth in Greenwich, London the gap between the usual school hour and the extra time after school is huge there by creating a large vacuum to young people to act contrary which often time may lead to violence, Gangs and other social problems like gun & knives violence often result to young people killing and fighting themselves.

The frugal Empowerment foundation believes with music , we can gradually take these youngsters off the streets and engage them with God’s giving talents to contribute meaningfully to the society or community.

Why we think this can be achieved Literally

young people have a lot of innovative and creative minds, the issue is often who can lead them to actualised their dreams. This is one of the reason why parents even send to kids to school in the first place and during the process they discovered new things and most of whom changes our community for good and forever, example of this is mark zukaberb the founder of Facebook who created a software to which almost to who world communicate and see each other today.


We believed some of our young people has not be given the opportunity to come out and showcase their talents in music, especially in Greenwich which also have high rate of youth violence, sometimes, some of them feel very low esteem due to the their backgrounds proportionately among the BAME community .


We opened a music entertainment platform here in Greenwich to enable us serve the need of young talented people to discover themselves and play a key role in the entertainment industry


Our target is to trained up to 100 young people within the first 6 months of this program,


Young people are highly recommended for this music workshop Literate, illiterate, able and disabled, boys and girls, women and men will be given the opportunity to participate and express their god given talents How we identified talent We identified talented people or person Through setting up a music campaigns or audition thereby giving the interested candidates the opportunity to showcase their talents and with music and experience professionals to scrutinise the process and also giving the opportunity to public critique to participate through voting With this, we are rest assured we are on the right part of choosing the right candidate for the project Goal of the artist A qualifying artist or candidate should be sponsored into the music industry thereby creating an investment opportunity to the community and to individuals as well Who is to